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AtilakaiCongratulations to the Rooks Raiders for clearing Heroic Tomb of Sargeras this week!
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AtilakaiToday's the day! The annual Midsummer Mount Parade! Are you ready?!
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AtilakaiMay 27, 2017 marked the return of the Rooks' Spring Partner Fashion Show! Since we only had two pairs of participants, we changed-up the rules at the last minute to truly see who had the STYLE to PROFILE some SWEET DIGS!

The contest pit Juun (on Sylazune) and Shamz (on Boomhauer) vs. Odegra (main) and Hec (on Mastoblasto)!

Round 1 was CASUAL WEAR, Round 2 was FORMAL WEAR, and Round 3 was BATTLE GEAR.

In the end, it was a VERY close contest with Juun and Shamz taking the CASUAL round (2/3 judge votes) and Degs and Hec taking the FORMAL round (2/3 judge votes). It was ALL TIED UP going into the third and final round!

Degs and Hec SWEPT the third and final round with 3/3 judge votes and were declared the winners! They were each given a $20 [link] Gift Card ($40 total) to spend as they wish on the Blizzard Store!

Juun and Shamz did not leave empty-handed as they were each given 20k gold (40k gold total).

All in all, it was a fun night... lots of laughs as accompanying pets got into the biscuits and Atilakai and Meltharia played hosts.

THANKS to EVERYONE who attended to cheer on their favorite couples! If you feel so inclined, be sure to DONATE to the Guild PayPal Account to help support events like these, as well as our annual bills to Ventrilo and our [link] website! No obligation, but every little bit does help! Check out our Donation link at

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