The Holidays are Upon Us!

Atilakai a posted Nov 25, 16

Greetings, Rooks!

With the holiday season upon us, there will likely be Guildies AFK to spend time out-of-game visiting friends and relatives. For some Rooks, that may mean only logging on sporadically to catch up on World Quests or Order Hall shenanigans.

I know many of you know this because this describes you... the reason for this post is to remind everyone that Rooks has always stood for and celebrated both group AND solitary play. If you openly ask to group with folks in G-Chat and you don't get a response, please do not take it personally. It's likely that Guildies are busy catching up after being AFK for a bit. This certainly isn't an excuse to ignore people, especially our WoW Family... but a gentle reminder to be a little more understanding and practice patience over the next six weeks.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to play with such an awesome group of people... I really appreciate each of you for what you bring to the game. In one way or another, each and every one of you has brought me joy in-game and enhanced my life in some way out-of-game. Thank you for being you, Rooks!

Happy Holidays! See you in-game!